Can you imagine, producing more without losing quality or overloading anyone? That's what process automation does! And the best: the automation directly impacts in customer satisfaction and in the building of the organizational image! And these are just some of the benefits...

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To help you take the first step in your company Digital Transforamtion in 2022, we have prepared this Process Automation Guide so that you understand where to start, what benefits are generated, how to implement it and how to choose the best platform for your business.

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What you will see in this e-book:

● Why companies seek to automate their processes;

● Benefits of automation;

● Where to star the automation;

● Why automate processes with a BPM software;

● Which tool to choose and how to deploy;

● What is the cost of automating processes and how to prove value;

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Common Questions

What is process automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) consists of the strategy to manage and improve the performance of a company thought the continuous optimization of business processes in a cycle of modeling, execution and performance measurement.

How to automate my processes?

The first step to implement process automation is to perform the mapping. For this, define what are the purposes and objectives that the modeling must achieve. You can, for example, answer questions like: What are we going to map the process to? What main problem do we want to solve with this process? What is it purpose? What is expected of this process?

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Which platform to choose to automate my processes?

Undoubtedly, this is a rather difficult decision, as most companies have not yet adopted this type of solution. Therefore, we provided in this guide, a checklist with some important points to be evaluated in BPMS platforms before theis adoption.

Why automate processes with a BPM software?

The main objective of implementing BPM is to define, execute, measure, analyse, evaluate, optimize and monitor organizational procedures, generating metrics for all processes. Therefore, automating your company's processes with BPM, means that some important information for strategic decision making is generated more accurately.


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