Digital Transformation Iceberg

Transforming your business digitally means improving and perfecting everything that’s beneath the surface, things that, when not taken into account, may ruin the voyage, even on tranquil, well-known waters. That's why we've put together in this infographic, a complete guide for you to have a clear view of the sea you navigate and achieve success in the Digital Transformation of your business.


Digital Transformation is a recurring theme and is knocking on companies' doors, causing confusion with digital presence.

Digital Transformation is making use of technology to improve the performance, efficiency and productivity of companies.

The focus is your business, and technological tools must be seen as partners or means to achieve the goals that the company seeks.

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The navigation guide to the Digital Transformation

The complete Digital Transformation is capable of automating bureaucratic, manual and low-complexity processes, reducing costs, increasing security, management control, decision based on result reports, flexibility, time savings, error reduction and above all, knowing fully your company and your customer. A metamorphosis that generates innovation, alternatives, products and services that meet market needs, that is, increases and conquers competitive advantages.


What is Digital Transformation?

It is the integration between physical and digital media. This integration promotes greater ease and speed in carrying out tasks, generating more value for customers and bringing your company into the technological age. It is a process in which companies make use of technology to improve performance, increase reach and ensure better results, being a structural change in organizations and giving an essential role to technology.

Digital Transformation or Digital Presence?

Digital Transformation goes beyond the digital presence in companies, its focus is on the deep change of processes and business models to take full advantage of the opportunities that technologies offer, different from the digital presence that consists of the way your company asserts itself and uses the digital media.

What are the impacts of Digital Transformation?

Among the main impacts are the reduction of equipment maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and increased work efficiency. This occurs through technologies such as Additive Manufacturing, Simulation, Vertical and Horizontal System Integration, Cloud, Big Data, Cyber ​​Security, and the Internet of Things.

How to be part of the Digital Transformation?

It is necessary to analyze the market and its competitors. With the constant evolution of the digital environment, users need news and companies must respond to this request. The news that emerge may be the solution your company is needing at the moment. To help you, we list in this infographic the important points in the Digital Transformation journey.